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Frequently Asked Questions

You will likely have questions about how our blinds and shutters are fitted and the service we provide. Here are some of the things we are asked regularly. If you can’t find the answer you need here, please get in touch.

Will Venetian blinds raise all the way up on a triangular window?

No. The blinds will rise up in a horizontal manner and will stop at the start of the sloping section.

Are roller blinds available for shaped windows?

We currently do not offer a system for shaped roller blinds.

Do shaped venetian blinds tilt both ways as a ‘normal’ venetian blind would?

No. The slats that meet with the angled head rail are cut to match it, meaning that they will tilt either forwards or backwards. This is always the customer’s decision at the survey stage.

Do we offer ‘supply-only’ service?

No. All our blinds are measured and installed by only ourselves.

Do we cover the whole of the UK?

Unfortunately not. We are happy to travel around most of the UK but inevitably we do have limitations. We must make a charge for fuel and labour and all our charges are inclusive within our quotes.

Is Avanti Shaped blinds a franchise?

No. We are an independent specialist company.

Can shaped blinds and shutters be motorised?

Yes. The blinds and shutters we supply can be motorised. Depending on the product and application we offer both mains-powered and battery-powered versions.

Can shutters open outwards on apex-style windows?

No. They would always be made to open towards the highest point of the window.

Are Perfect Fit blinds available for shaped windows?

Yes. We can supply international style Perfect Fit Venetians and Cellular blinds for shaped windows.