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The stunning looks, the versatility and the extra security that shutters offer, makes them an incredibly popular choice in today’s trend-led market.


Almost like a piece of carpentry fitted to your windows, our excellent quality plantation shutters have many advantages including privacy & light control, sound reduction and draught proofing.

They also have the ability to look both modern and traditional depending on their respective setting, not to mention that they look amazing and can inject the ‘wow!’ factor to any window.

Each shutter is bespoke and completely made-to-measure to reflect your window’s exact architecture and individual style.

You can truly customize your shutters with a choice of material types, louvre widths, hinge colours, control options and a huge choice of beautiful painted and natural finishes.



Shutters are perfect for people who want privacy without sacrificing valuable daylight. The louvres can be angled to keep out prying eyes and therefore a great security option.


Essentially creating an extra ‘barrier’ between your home and the outside world, shutters can be an effective deterent to potential intruders. Key locks and barrel bolts can be added to your shutters for extra peace of mind.

Light control

Shutters are the definitive way to control light, allowing you to close off or open up the window completely and then filter in the light as you choose.

Insulation & Noise Reduction

In addition to filtering the light and maintaining privacy, a recent study showed that wooden shutters can reduce heat loss by 64%, compared to a single glazed window alone.

Shaped wooden shutters motorised plantation shutters



Almost any window shape can have a handcrafted shutter made to suit its curves or angles.


These shutters are made to fit directly onto each door with specific cut-outs on the shutter framework to accomodate the doors handles and locks.


These shutters slide on a track at the top and bottom of the window reveal. They can be made to ‘float’ freely back and forth from one side to the other. Ideally suited to cover wide sets of sliding or bi-fold doors.


Full height panels that cover the whole window from top to bottom. Depending on height a mid-rail may be required.


These shutters typically cover only the bottom half of the window. They allow privacy across the lower section of the window whilst still letting light in through the totally unobscured upper part.


One set of panels above another set, opening independently of each other.


These solid wood panels cover the whole window and to operate they are either fully open or closed. Can create a blackout option and a thermal layer.

Material Ranges

We offer 5 different ranges of premium shutters starting with our entry-level engineered timber shutter (polymer-coated MDF) to the 100% waterproof high-grade ABS (excellent for wetrooms and bathrooms) to the extremely high quality premium hardwood range.


If our large choice of standard painted and stained colours isn’t enough for you, you can opt for a custom colour to paint your shutters, from Farrow & Ball or Dulux paint charts to any specified RAL colour.

Louvre sizes

Available in a choice of up to five different louvre widths - 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm & 114mm. As a general rule the bigger the window and room, the bigger the louvre size. 63mm and 76mm are a very popular choice as they tend to work well in the majority of room sizes.

Control options

As standard our shutters come with an operating tilt rod. Traditionally the tilt rod runs down the centre of the shutter panel but it can be offset to either side of the panel. Alternatively, our Silent Tilt option removes the need for the rod and you simply tilt one of the louvers on each shutter panel with your fingers and the rest will follow.

Shutter Motorisation

Of course for the ultimate luxury you can opt to have your shutters motorised with our solar-powered motors and award-winning remote handset. No wiring is required as these are battery-powered motors that sit neatly in the back of each shutter panel with an integral slimline solar panel. Just the touch of a button, or a turn of the smart dial on the handset, will tilt all your louvres as you wish.

Hinge colours

There are almost 20 different standard hinge colours available from a range of Whites and Creams to Stainless Steel, Brushed Nickel-Plated, Black and Antique Brass. There’s something for every decor.

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