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"Honest communication with our customers is crucial as to how the blinds or shutters will look and operate. This is something we strive for with each and every project."

About Avanti Shaped Blinds

Shaped windows have become more popular and present within new build properties and home renovations over recent years, which is why we have become one of the UK’s leading specialists in the supply and installation of shaped window blinds and shutters.

Many architects’ drawings of residential properties will often now include some sort of large ‘Grand Design’ type gable end window or triangular dormer loft conversion windows and quite often they offer no means of light diffusion or personal privacy.

All this means that our service has become in great demand and our expertise gained over the years gets challenged on a regular basis.

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David Rigby, Managing Director

“I started my career in blinds about 22 years ago and worked for various blind companies around the Northwest. After learning to manufacture, sell and install blinds I realised it was time for me to set up my own blinds business.

Shortly after doing this, a customer asked if I could fit a blind on a large, arch-shaped window they had. I looked into it and after undertaking some training I completed the job to my customer’s delight. Since then, I have been supplying and installing shaped blinds and shutters all around the UK and have become one of the most experienced shaped blind specialists in the country.

Each and every shaped job is its own project that I take pride in completing to the best of my ability, knowledge and experience. Honest communication with customers is crucial as to how the blinds or shutters will look and operate and is something I strive for with every project.”

David Rigby - Owner of Avanti Shaped Blinds